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It all started with looking for a truly comfortable bra design.  I was fed up with scratchy lace, wires and stiffening, irritating hooks and eyes, and thin, awkward straps which were difficult to adjust unless you took the bra off. Narrow straps can also strain the trapezius muscle which connects the neck to the shoulder and make it tighten, causing neck and head tension.

It became even more important to wear something super comfortable after bi-lateral mastectomy and back muscle reconstruction, which didn't irritate my scars (unlike the flattening, over-elasticated ones I tried - particularly bad on warm days). A bra which felt like a lovely soft camisole, defining instead of compressing. With a soft, organic lining next to the skin, ideally with an opening for an optional pad. And not just in black and white! A bra to give a literal and psychological lift each day.

I decided to find the fabric and design an everyday bra suitable for everyone from first bra, for yoga, travel, after-hours comfort, after any type of surgery, and good enough to show.​ 

From there I wanted to include other comfortable and beautiful clothes and lovely homeware and gifts, along with other ethical clothing, fitness and swimwear, and other lovely things to have around you (books, and linen, for example) and we have recipes from local naturopathic nutritionist Kathy Mclemon to boost your health for specific times of the year.

There's some beautiful new colours, fabrics and designs for more clothing in the pipeline. Sign up for updates and information, this is going to be a wonderful and comfortable new journey! Our tree of life icon represents this new beginning. 

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